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Seeds For Change is a youth based activity/coloring book that explores environmental justice, co-organized by Kristen Brown and Aaron Goldman. The book was created collaboratively by 13 Baltimore artists and crowd-funded in order to publish and distribute 500 copies for free to Baltimore youth. The book is meant to help the reader define what environmental justice means to them, why it matters, and what to do in its absence. A release party for the book was held in July 2016, where over 100 people engaged with the book and parallel activities. All are welcome to view, download, print, color, and share the pages of the book. 

The book’s efforts were inspired and in collaboration with Glenn Ross’ Toxic Tour which teaches the history and effects of systemic environmental racism, intentional urban decay, and the unsung heroes working to resist these injustices in East Baltimore. More information on Glenn and The Toxic Tour can be found here:


Collaborating Artists: 

​Andrea Crews, Brandon Buckson, Jerome Chester, Karyn Lao, Ronald Rucker, Pierre Bennu, Alanna Rivera, Ashley Minner, How-well Toons, Jahlil Keola-Eldridge, and Bridget Parlato


Seeds For Change:


An Activity Book on Environmental Justice
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